Protect Memory Card with Password

Are you looking to protect your memory card with password? Well get it done here. You will be introduced here with an effective mechanism that helps you to keep personal files safe and secure from unauthorized access. Remo MORE is one of the best tools which offers an advanced solution to protect your memory card data.

First and the most common reason why you should lock your memory card with password is to protect private files accessing by your friends. There are many occasions where your colleagues can access your private data from memory card. Suppose your friends are flipping through your Smartphone’s album then your data might be seen by them.

Another reason why you should put password on your memory card is that when your memory card is lost then nobody can access data from it. If your memory card is not protected with password then chances are high that if it falls in wrong hand then they can misuse your personal data in a wrong way and this accident can put your privacy at stake.

To be sure that your memory card data could not be accessed at any cost by third person then you have to opt for sophisticated and reliable software. Remo MORE is invented to fulfill this requirement of users at ease. You can lock files or folders of any file types on your memory card without any struggle.

Some of the features of MORE are mentioned as follows:

  • It assigns a strong and robust password to the memory card and other storage device with ease.
  • It is built with a very attractive yet simple interface. It also provides step by step solution to you with respective screenshots.
  • You can use this tool to lock any type of files including photos, audio and video within a very few seconds.

Thus if you are looking for a tool to lock your memory card files then do make use of this tool. It is used across the world and highly appreciated by many veteran software professions. It is developed with an advanced algorithm which puts password on your memory card in such manner so that no unauthorized person can break it by trial and error method. Software is available on the internet free of cost you can download it free within a fraction of seconds.

Steps to password protect files in memory card:

1: Download the software and install on computer. Connect the memory card to the computer and run the software. Select "Manage" from the main screen of the software, and then choose file manager after that select File Protector option as shown in fig 1.

Password Protect Memory Card - Select File Protector

Figure 1: Select File Protector

2: From the next screen of tool select the folder which you want to lock with password on your memory card by selecting Add Folders as shown in fig 2.

Password Protect Memory Card - Select Add Folders

Figure 2: Select Add Folders

3: As soon as you click on lock option your selected folder on memory card is locked within a fraction of second and a message is communicated to the user as shown in fig 3.

Password Protect Memory Card - Memory Card Folder Locked Successfully

Figure 3: Memory Card Folder Locked Successfully